StorkCard can help you suppliement your current employee parental benefits

Expensive childcare makes it difficult for new parents to return back to work

  • Nursery costs are now about 30% of an average family’s net income
  • Childcare costs are increasing 3x faster than wages
  • 29% of new mothers don’t think it’s financially worthwhile to go back to work
StorkCard is a hybrid credit card Next
StorkCard turns into a low cost loan when you do not need it any more Next

Advantages of StorkCard
for the employer



StorkCard can be designed to fit the specific needs of any business. Employers can choose what features they want to offer to employees

staff retention

Cost savings

Turnover can cost a business about £30,000 per employee (recruitment costs, lost productivity etc). StorkCard can help employers avoid this cost.

promotes financial control


With ongoing financial support for childcare, StorkCard provides a strong incentive for employees to stay with their company

no hassle

No hassle

We take care of everything from card issuance and delivery to payment management