The first
debit card designed for parents

We help parents

focus on the joys of having children instead of the costs!

Use our personalised budgeting tool to prepare you for expenses before they arise

Get ready for the costs of parenthood

Use AI to prepare you for costs before they arise

Unlike current budgeting apps that only look at past behaviour, StorkCard uses AI to predict future expenses

Make saving for upcoming costs easier

Starting a family is a rewarding but expensive journey. Use StorkCard to become fully prepared for when those big costs come up

Focus on your baby not your bank

We can create a fully personalised savings plan, giving you the piece of mind that you are as prepared as possible

We want to empower you to be the best parents you can be

StorkCard gives you everything..

Save up for costs before they arise

StorkCard monitors upcoming expenses and helps prepare you by creating savings goals

Save money on purchases

We offer you cashback rewards with family & baby retailers

Ease the burden

StorkCard allow you to share the cost of big purchases with family & friends

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